Cloud Features

Our Cloud FMS provides customers with all the tools necessary to monitor, manage and improve driver behavior. These include Autocam VT-300SE and other accessories in cabin displays as well as a range of scoring and error reports. This combination is highly effective for safety improvement and risk reduction. Servicing and licensing schedules can be managed efficiently through automated reminders. Reminders can be configured to trigger when the set distance, duration or engine hours have been reached.

Getting the most from a fleet is the primary concern for any fleet manager. Knowing where vehicles are is only the beginning. Cloud Manager provides operators with activity timelines to illustrate utilization patterns in their fleets. This assists in boosting efficiency.

  Enhanced customer service

Our Cloud FMS includes a find-nearest-vehicle function. It allows a fleet manager to identify the closest vehicle to a customer, assign a job to the driver and seamlessly route.

Our Cloud FMS provides a range of reports to enable the monitoring of fuel consumption. However, the key to reducing fuel and maintenance costs is to improve driver behavior. Vehicles that are driven well perform more efficiently and require less maintenance.

Cloud Features